Welcome to Psych 170!

Welcome to Psych 170 (Section 02): Psychology of Human Sexuality! Claire Cahen and Juan García will be your instructors this semester. In this course, we will study the psychological foundations of sexual development and response patterns in human behavior; gender roles (male/female/many other possibilities); individual and social attitudes; the relationship between sex and the city; and legal issues related to gender and human sexuality. We will draw on various subfields of psychology, including clinical psychology, health psychology, social psychology, and environmental psychology.

This course site is designed to be a resource to support and expand your coursework on human sexuality this semester (and beyond- if you so wish!).  On the site, you will find the type of information you might find in Blackboard in some of your other courses: you will find links to the syllabusa course schedulecourse assignments, and additional resources in the menu above. But the site is also a space where you (we!) can interact with each other, extend course discussions and ask questions about course readings/ course topics you were unable to ask in class/ feel more comfortable asking online. From the main menu, you can navigate to our class blog (the Posts menu tab). You may use this blog at any time, either to continue discussion from class meetings or to begin a new conversation on current issues.

If you have any questions, we can be contacted by email at ccahen@gradcenter.cuny.edu and jgarcia@gradcenter.cuny.edu.